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Philadelphia Eagles’ Jalen Hurts Donates $200,000 to Support Schools

Philadelphia Eagles' Jalen Hurts Donates $200,000 to Support Schools

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has made a significant impact off the field by donating $200,000 to the School District of Philadelphia. This generous contribution will provide over 300 air conditioning units to 10 schools in the district, offering relief to more than 5,000 students.

The donation addresses a critical need within the district, where many schools struggle with a lack of proper cooling facilities. As a result, numerous schools have had to dismiss students early during periods of extreme heat, disrupting learning and affecting student performance and teacher retention.

Superintendent Tony Watlington Sr. expressed his appreciation for Hurts’ generosity, calling it a victory for the district. “This is a win for the School District of Philadelphia and we can’t say enough — Thank you Mr. Jalen Hurts,” Watlington stated.

Hurts, known for his dedication to community service, spent time with students and staff at Edward Gideon School in Brewerytown, one of the 10 schools benefiting from the donation. “This is my duty,” Hurts said. “The least I can do is what I’m doing now.”

The installation of the air conditioning units is already underway, with plans to complete the project by the start of the next school year. Hurts and his foundation aim to make a lasting impact on the community, with further initiatives in the works.

“Just giving [students] proper resources and putting them in the right environment helps them succeed,” Hurts noted. His commitment to education and community service highlights his dedication to making a difference beyond the football field.

The impact of Hurts’ donation extends beyond just cooling the classrooms; it serves as a catalyst for positive change in the School District of Philadelphia. With better facilities, teachers can focus more on their instruction, and students can engage in their studies without the distraction of uncomfortable conditions.


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