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Ryan Garcia Faces Allegations of Using Ostarine a “Performance-Enhancing” Substance in Recent Victory

Ryan Garcia Faces Allegations of Using Ostarine a "Performance-Enhancing" Substance in Recent Victory

Ryan Garcia, a rising star in boxing, is facing accusations of testing positive for the banned performance-enhancing drug (PED) Ostarine. The Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) conducted the test around the time of Garcia’s recent victory over Devin Haney in New York City.

Ryan Garcia has strongly denied the allegations, stating in a social media video that he has never taken steroids and condemning the accusations as “big lies.” He expressed confidence in his innocence and said he is unfamiliar with obtaining performance-enhancing drugs.

Ryan Garcia now has 10 days to request a test of his B-sample, which could confirm or deny the initial positive result. A confirmed positive result could lead to a suspension and a reversal of the fight’s outcome to a no-contest.

Ostarine, a selective androgen receptor modulator, is known to boost muscle growth and is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Its use has been a contentious issue in sports, raising concerns about fair competition.

Golden Boy Promotions, Garcia’s promoter, has publicly supported the boxer, saying they believe his statements denying any intentional use of banned substances.

His opponent released a statement to ESPN chastising the boxer for cheating:

“We learned about this situation not too long ago and it’s unfortunate Ryan cheated and disrespected both the fans and the sport of boxing by fighting dirty and breaking positive not once, but twice,” Haney said. “Ryan owes the fans an apology, and by his recent tweet, he still thinks this is a joke.

We put our lives on the line to entertain people for a living. You don’t play boxing. This puts the fight in a completely different light. Despite the disadvantage, I still fought on my shield and got back up! People die in this sport. This isn’t a joking matter.”

This was Haney’s first defeat (31-1), and due to Garcia (25-1) coming into the fight over the weight limit, he was ineligible to obtain the WBC title he was fighting for that was on the line.

The boxing community and fans are closely watching the situation, as the allegations could impact Garcia’s career and cast a shadow on his recent victory.



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