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Sabrina Elba Launches Skincare Line Inspired by African Ingredients

Sabrina Elba African-Inspired Skincare Line Debuts

UN Goodwill Ambassador and entrepreneur Sabrina Elba has unveiled her latest venture: a skincare line, S’Able Labs, drawing inspiration from the African ingredients her mother utilized to combat acne-prone skin during her teenage years.

Teaming up with her husband, actor Idris Elba, Sabrina’s brand, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, harnesses the potency of African botanicals to address skincare concerns commonly faced by individuals with melanated skin. Branded as A-Beauty, the line incorporates antioxidants like turmeric, okra, qasil, and black seed.

Sabrina’s journey to skincare entrepreneurship stemmed from her own struggles with hyperpigmentation during adolescence, exacerbated by ineffective products from mainstream retailers. Turning to her Somali heritage, Sabrina’s mother introduced her to natural skincare remedies that proved transformative for her skin.

“I grew up watching [my mom] make [her] own products and face masks and DIY, everything in the kitchen,” Sabrina Elba reflects. “I think that was probably, I mean for sure the influence that led me to add these African botanicals into the [S’Able Labs] skincare range.”

Partnering with her husband, Sabrina celebrates their East and West African heritage, infusing each product with ingredients passed down through generations.

“The fact that we come from East Africa and [Idris] is from West Africa, and this sort of continental theme, African theme, this Pan-African theme … what I realized, and sort of became addicted to, is these stories and heritage pieces around these ingredients and these customs,” Sabrina Elba explains.

The newly launched product range features an Okra Face Serum, Qasil Cleanser, Blackseed Toner, Baobab Moisturizer, and Qasil Exfoliating Mask, priced between $24 to $75.

“This has integrity behind it and an efficacy there,” Sabrina Elba asserts. “And I want to show people that African ingredients are so powerful.”



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