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Sha’Carri Richardson Stands Her Ground in New Sprite Commercial

Sha’Carri Richardson Stands Her Ground in New Sprite Commercial

In her debut Sprite commercial, Sha’Carri Richardson stayed true to her defiant persona as part of the beverage company’s reimagined “Obey Your Thirst” campaign.

The world’s fastest woman made history as Sprite’s first female partner, and her 30-second spot highlighted her refusal to conform to outside pressures.

The commercial features Richardson standing firm against various demands. “What Sha’Carri Richardson needs to do is obey the rules,” a sports commentator says on television, to which she responds with a resolute “Nah.”

When a photographer tells her to “Obey the image” during a photoshoot, Richardson dismisses the instruction with another “Nah.” Even when her grandmother and mother urge her to “Obey your Big Mama and your mama,” she playfully responds with a lighthearted “Nah.”

In addition to Sha’Carri Richardson, the campaign also features Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards, who recreated a 1994 Sprite ad with NBA legend Grant Hill. Both athletes embody the campaign’s message of authenticity and self-assurance, representing a new generation of sports fans.

“Anthony and Sha’Carri are cultural creators who embody what it means to obey your thirst and follow your dreams with determination,” said A.P. Chaney, Senior Creative Director of Sparkling Flavors at Coca-Cola.

“Both spots are really fun, with plenty of comedic value conveyed in the Sprite voice.”

Richardson’s journey has been marked by both praise and criticism, but her dedication to self-expression has made her a marketable figure for major brands like Sprite and Nike. By blending elements of hip-hop culture, sports, entertainment, and fashion, she continues to rise to the occasion.

Brian Rogers, Senior Brand Director of Sprite, noted the relevance of the “be true to you” spirit in today’s world. “In 1994, the Obey Your Thirst campaign resonated with consumers, and we’re confident it will do so again in 2024,” he said.

“Younger generations face immense pressure to conform, but Sprite aims to empower fans to challenge the status quo and embrace their authentic selves.”


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