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Cardi B reacts to her $80 million net worth: ‘I’ve earned a lot.’

Cardi B reacts to her $80 million net worth: 'I've earned a lot.'

Cardi B isn’t just rapping about money, she’s got it. In a recent interview, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper downplayed reports that her net worth is $80 million, suggesting it’s much higher.

Speaking with Speedy Morman on Complex’s “360 with Speedy,” Cardi B confidently stated, “I make a lot of money!”  She playfully implied that the reported net worth might even be an understatement.

While acknowledging her financial support for family and friends, Cardi B also highlighted her expenses. “I got a lot, a lot of bills,” she said. “I’m taking care of [family]. I’m helping a lot… I help a lot of my friends, and I help a lot of my family and everything.”

Cardi B’s wealth could potentially increase by another $4 million if she collects the full judgment from her defamation lawsuit win against YouTuber Tasha K. Cardi B’s lawyers suspect Tasha K of hiding assets to avoid paying the court-ordered amount.

Cardi B openly admits the challenge of saying no to her family while indulging in lavish designer purchases. “I gotta say no, and I’m buying Birkins,” she shared, expressing her frustration when she feels her generosity is being taken advantage of.

Reflecting on her past struggles, even during her time as a stripper, Cardi emphasizes that she wasn’t spending extravagantly.

Looking ahead to 2024, Cardi B remains focused on securing more success, both in her music career and personal ventures. Amid promises of her long-awaited sophomore album, she’s already making waves with new singles.

“Like What (Freestyle)” debuted impressively on the Billboard Hot 100’s top 40, followed by “Enough (Miami),” released on March 15th.

In a recent interview with Billboard Canada, Cardi B expressed her eagerness to make a strong comeback. “I took a little break, I came back on social media. I dropped a little freestyle and everything, y’know, just to wet my feet,” she explained.

“A week later, I’m dropping this single, and the next announcement is not going to be a single, it’s gonna be an album. I’m back outside, I’m tired of s–t holding me back. It’s been six years since I’ve dropped an album, so I’m gonna drop an album this year.

” With determination and drive, Cardi B is ready to conquer the music scene once again.


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