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Dwayne Johnson: 5 Must-See Movies Coming Soon (2024-2025)

Dwayne Johnson: 5 Must-See Movies Coming Soon (2024-2025)

Dwayne Johnson has come a long way since his acting debut as his father, Rocky Johnson, on That ’70s Show and his iconic role as the Scorpion King in The Mummy Returns. Known for capturing explosions in a headlock, pile-driving them into the ground, and finishing with his trademark 1,000-watt smile, Johnson has become a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood.

With his status as a megastar, it’s no surprise that a slew of Dwayne Johnson movies are slated for release in theaters or on streaming platforms shortly.

These projects promise to keep the former wrestler and Black Adam star at the forefront of the blockbuster business for years to come.

While some of The Rock’s upcoming films may experience delays due to various factors, this list will keep you informed about what to expect.

Here are the top 5 movies to expect from Dwayne Johnson

Red One (November 15, 2024):

Dwayne Johnson gears up for a Christmas action extravaganza with “Red One.” Directed by Jake Kasdan, the film pairs Johnson with Chris Evans and features J.K. Simmons and Lucy Liu. Expect action, comedy, and holiday cheer in this anticipated release.

2. Moana 2 (November 27, 2024):

Disney surprises fans with the announcement of a sequel to the beloved animated film “Moana.” Scheduled for release in November 2024, the sequel promises more adventures with Maui, voiced by Dwayne Johnson. With Disney’s magic and Johnson’s charm, “Moana 2” is set to captivate audiences once again.

Photo: Sony

3. Fast X: Part 2 (April 4, 2025):

Dwayne Johnson returns to the Fast and Furious franchise with “Fast X: Part 2.” Following a cameo in the post-credits scene of “Fast X,” Johnson confirmed his comeback as Luke Hobbs. Fans can expect high-octane action and thrilling car chases in this eagerly anticipated installment.

Photo: Universal Pictures


4. Moana Live-Action Remake (June 27, 2025):

In addition to “Moana 2,” Dwayne Johnson is producing a live-action remake of the original film. Set for release in June 2025, the remake promises a fresh take on the beloved story. While Auliʻi Cravalho won’t reprise her role, Johnson assures fans that the spirit of the film will remain intact.

Photo: Disney

5. The Smashing Machine (Release Date TBD):

Dwayne Johnson takes on a challenging role in “The Smashing Machine,” chronicling the career of MMA legend Mark Kerr. Directed by Benny Safdie, this A24 production explores Kerr’s struggles with addiction. With Johnson’s versatility and Safdie’s directorial vision, “The Smashing Machine” is poised to make waves in the sports drama genre.

Photo: WWE

Johnson is actively producing several projects, including films like The Janson Directive and Emergency Contact, along with adaptations such as Son of Shaolin.

He’s also involved in creating a documentary called Four Down, a Ric Flair biopic, and Teddy and the Guardians of the Night, based on a viral illustration.

In addition, he’s launched a men’s skincare line called Papatui, exclusively available at Target.


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