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Sean Kingston Arrested Mid-Performance on Fraud Charges

Sean Kingston Arrested Mid-Performance on Fraud Charges

In an unexpected event, musician Sean Kingston was detained in California on Thursday, while his mother was seized during a simultaneous raid on his Florida estate.

Sean Kingston, well known for his popular song “Beautiful Girls,” was apprehended by SWAT forces while playing at a US Army performance at Fort Irwin. The event was cut short since he was handcuffed just after his performance. 

According to HipHopDX, the arrest came as Sean Kingston was wrapping up his act, and a scheduled meet-and-greet with fans was immediately canceled. Social media was buzzing with footage and reports of law enforcement presence at the performance site.

Earlier that day, in Florida, Kingston’s mother, 61-year-old Janice Turner, was apprehended during a raid on her home. Turner is now being jailed on a $160,000 bond.

The charges appear to be related to a case in which Kingston is accused of scamming a local firm over a $150,000 deal involving a fancy entertainment system. According to the lawsuit, Kingston promised Justin Bieber promotional obligations as part of the arrangement, but they were never fulfilled.

Dennis Card, an attorney involved in the lawsuit, commented on Kingston’s celebrity status influencing his actions. “He creates this larger-than-life, ‘I am rich’ persona. His mother is a necessary component in this. He presents himself as a family-oriented guy, ‘I’m taking care of my mom,’ but she knows full well what is going on,” said Card.

The event has received a lot of attention on social media, with Sean Kingston briefly addressing it in a now-deleted Instagram post, claiming that both he and his mother are well and that their legal team is managing the case.

Kingston, who has previously faced legal issues, is currently on a two-year probation for trafficking stolen property. His mother, Turner, has a history with the law as well, having pleaded guilty in 2006 to bank fraud.

Robert Rosenblatt, representing Kingston and Turner, stated to HuffPost, “We are aware of some of the allegations made against our clients. We look forward to addressing these in court and are confident of a successful resolution for Shawn and his mother.”

As the investigation continues, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office has remained tight-lipped about the specifics of the new charges pending against Kingston and Turner.


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