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Stormi Steele Breaks TikTok Record with $1 Million Sales in a Single Live Session

Stormi Steele Breaks TikTok Record with $1 Million Sales in a Single Live Session

Stormi Steele, founder and CEO of Canvas Beauty, made history as the first TikTok creator to reach $1 million in sales from a single live session. 

This achievement was confirmed by TikTok’s global team following her June 8 live stream. 

Canvas Beauty celebrated this milestone by sharing a video of the live session on TikTok.

Steele’s accomplishment shows the power of social media and how it impacts lives. As an entrepreneur from Huntsville, Alabama, Stormi Steele has significantly impacted the beauty industry. 

Her journey showcases the potential of social media to drive business growth and connect with a vast audience.

Successful Product Launch

Canvas Beauty, founded by Stormi Steele, has quickly become one of the fastest-growing beauty brands in the world. Operating from her warehouse in Huntsville, Steele has propelled Canvas Beauty to international acclaim with innovative products and genuine authenticity.

This rapid growth mirrors the market’s demand for groundbreaking and trustworthy beauty solutions.

“I’m very good at telling people and showing people in content and video format why they need a product, what it does, and getting them excited about it,” she said

Stormi Steele founded Canvas Beauty in 2018, aiming to help customers become their best selves. 

Stormi Steele continues to inspire other entrepreneurs. “My obedience is connected to so many other people’s destiny, and I take that to heart the LONNNGGGG WAY!!!” she shared on Instagram. She is dedicated to helping other brands succeed on TikTok, offering her experience and insights.


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