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Angela Simmons Apologizes for Gun-Shaped Purse at BET Awards

Angela Simmons Apologizes for Gun-Shaped Purse at BET Awards

Angela Simmons apologized for carrying a gun-shaped purse on the BET Awards red carpet, acknowledging that it was insensitive given the issue of gun violence. The purse choice sparked controversy and criticism.

“When I chose the purse, I thought it was cute and unique. I made a poor decision using it to enhance my look,” Angela Simmons wrote to her eight million Instagram followers. “I deeply regret that this item, which looks like a gun, was inappropriate and insensitive, especially considering my personal and community experiences with gun violence.”

Angela Simmons explained her decision to bring the gun-shaped purse to the June 30 event on social media, a post that was later shared by The Neighborhood Talk on Instagram.

In 2018, Simmons’ ex-partner and father of her child, Sutton Tennyson, was shot and killed outside his Atlanta home. This personal tragedy, along with her community’s struggles with gun violence, made many question her choice of accessory for the awards show. Addressing the backlash, Simmons reaffirmed her commitment to fighting gun violence.

“I understand the pain and hurt this has caused, especially to those who have been directly affected by gun violence. My whole life, I have stood for peace and the resolution of gun violence in America.

I have personally lost my partner, the father of my child, to gun violence, and I have seen its devastating impact on my community in Southeast Queens,” she said.

Gun violence is a serious issue in the U.S., especially in the Black community. According to Brady United, a nonprofit for gun control, Black people made up 60% of firearm homicide deaths each year between 2017 and 2021. Simmons’ gun-shaped purse was seen by many as downplaying this serious issue.

Angela Simmons emphasized that this incident does not reflect her true character and reiterated her commitment to ending gun violence. “It was a mistake that does not define who I am or my commitment to ending gun violence.

To anyone who was hurt or offended by my actions, I offer my deepest apologies,” she concluded. “Moving forward, I will continue my dedication to making peace a reality for millions of children and families across America who, like mine, have been directly impacted.”


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