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Beyoncé and Big Freedia Face Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Over “Break My Soul”

Beyoncé and Big Freedia Face Lawsuit Over "Break My Soul"

In a new legal battle, Beyoncé and Big Freedia face copyright infringement lawsuit over “Break My Soul.”

Beyoncé and Big Freedia have been sued by members of Da Showstoppaz, a once-famous New Orleans-based group. The case, filed in a Louisiana federal court on May 22, accuses them of infringing on the 2002 song “Release a Wiggle” while creating Beyoncé’s blockbuster tune “Break My Soul.”

The complaint alleges that Big Freedia illegally lifted lyrics from “Release a Wiggle” for her 2014 single “Explode,” which was then sampled in Beyoncé’s song.

Tessa Avie, Keva Bourgeois, Henri Braggs, and Brian Clark believe they were completely disregarded in the financial success and accolades that “Break My Soul” has received.

“Da Showstoppaz has received nothing—no acknowledgement, credit, or remuneration of any kind,” their attorneys told Billboard. They contend that the similarities between “Release a Wiggle” and “Explode” are obvious to any listener.

Beyonce’s break my heart

While short sentences are often not protected under copyright law, which might result in the case being dismissed, Da Showstoppaz’s attorneys remain confident.

They emphasize that the group owns the rights to their “distinctive lyrics” and that the term “release a/yo wiggle” has become associated with Big Freedia, although she does not acknowledge Da Showstoppaz.

The lawsuit also names Sony Music, Parkwood Entertainment, and Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, Beyoncé’s husband and acknowledged writer of “Break My Soul.”

The plaintiffs noticed the alleged violation after hearing “Explode,” sampled in Beyoncé’s 2022 song and have sought to contact her agents without success.

“Break My Soul,” a tune from Beyoncé’s 2022 album “Renaissance” that samples Robin S.’s “Show Me Love,” spent two weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 list.


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