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Ex-NBA Star Kevin Porter Jr. Plays in Greece for $10K After Losing $80M Contract

Ex-NBA Star Kevin Porter Jr. Plays in Greece for $10K After Losing $80M Contract

Kevin Porter Jr., the former NBA player, has been seen playing in Greece for a reported salary of $10,000. 

This comes after he lost most of his $82.5 million NBA contract. Kevin Porter Jr., who is 23 years old, was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder in October but was waived shortly after.

Before his arrest, he had signed a four-year contract extension with the Houston Rockets. 

However, he was arrested and charged by the NYPD for allegedly assaulting his then-girlfriend and WNBA player, Kysre Gondrezick. 

Following the alleged attack, the Rockets barred Porter from interacting with his teammates.

He was eventually traded to the Thunder but was immediately waived by the team, resulting in Porter only earning $16.5 million from his NBA deal. 

In January, Kevin Porter Jr., accepted a plea deal with the NYPD, pleading guilty to a misdemeanour charge of reckless assault and a second-degree harassment violation.

Porter can reportedly have the assault charge cleared from his criminal record in a year by completing a court-ordered program. 

Now, Porter is playing in Greece because he can’t play in the NBA anymore. He got into trouble with the police for hurting his girlfriend, but he made a deal with them.

He admitted to doing something wrong and agreed to do what the court told him to do for a year. Then, his record might be cleared.

His girlfriend originally said he hurt her badly, but later, she said it wasn’t as bad as she first said. She doesn’t think he punched her, even though that’s what she first told the police.

Now, Porter is playing well in Greece, scoring a lot of points in his games.


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