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WNBA’s Angel Reese Makes History as a Rookie Double-Double-Star

WNBA’s Angel Reese Makes History as a Rookie Double-Double Star

Angel Reese is having an incredible first season in the WNBA. As a rookie, she has already set a record with 11 consecutive double-doubles, and there’s no sign of her stopping. Fans have now voted her into the Eastern Conference All-Star team.

Angel Reese, the top rebounder for the Chicago Sky, has proven herself as a top player. Her rivalry with Caitlin Clark gets a lot of attention, but it’s Reese’s consistent performance that shines. She has stayed focused and solidified her place in the team and the league.

Becoming an All-Star in your first season is a big deal, especially with Reese’s tough playing style. With help from her mentor, Teresa Weatherspoon, Reese is setting a great example for young players. Her hard work and strong support system have been key to her success.

The All-Star game will be in Phoenix, Arizona this year. By then, Angel Reese is expected to average nearly 12 rebounds per game, which is amazing for any player, especially a rookie.

Phoenix Arizona is the sight of this year’s all-star game. By the time, Reese gets to the all-star break, she’ll be in the neighborhood of averaging just under 12 rebounds per game. That’s a monster number for any player, much less a rookie.

The value that she is providing her team with is frankly, invaluable. It’s a perfect marriage for these two entities. Who knows what a post-season run looks like for the Sky, but from the looks of things, their long-term future is bright. Any success that ensues from this season on can be attributed to being touched by an Angel.


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