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Cardi B Opens Up About Marriage and Politics in an Interview

Cardi B Opens Up About Marriage and Politics in an Interview

In a candid new cover story with Rolling Stone, Cardi B shared insights about her marriage and her political views. The interview, published Thursday, features the “WAP” artist discussing her relationship with Migos rapper Offset and her disillusionment with current political leadership.

Despite a brief period in 2020 when Cardi B filed for divorce (a decision she later reversed), the star expressed deep love for Offset. “We’re best friends. And it’s like, ‘OK. Well, there was a time that I didn’t have a best friend, or I didn’t have a support system.’

It’s not even about ‘How do you leave a partner?’ How do you stop talking to your best friend?” she explained.

Cardi B elaborated on the challenges of balancing her career and personal life. “We have our own bad stuff. We’re from two different worlds. Sometimes I cannot be … not that I cannot be a wife. It’s just like, my career takes my life.

You know what I’m saying? My career comes first, then my kids come second. And then sometimes I don’t realize that I’m putting so many things before my relationship.”

While Cardi emphasized that her children are her top priority, she did not provide updates on her long-awaited second album, following her 2018 debut Invasion of Privacy. However, she has previously announced on social media that the sophomore album is set for release in 2024.

In a surprising revelation, Cardi B declared that she won’t be voting for either President Biden or Donald Trump in the upcoming November election. Although she voted for Biden in 2020, she expressed disappointment with his administration’s performance.

“I feel like people got betrayed,” she said. “It’s just like, damn, y’all not caring about nobody.” She criticized Biden’s handling of domestic and foreign issues, expressing frustration with the lack of effective solutions.

Cardi voiced her dissatisfaction with America’s approach to international affairs. “Then, it really gets me upset that there are solutions to it.

There is a solution. I know there’s a solution because you’re spending billions of dollars on any f***ing thing…There’s countries [where] kids are getting killed every single day, but because the [U.S.] won’t benefit from that country, they won’t help,” she continued.

She also criticized the U.S.’s tendency to portray itself as a global superhero. “I don’t like that America has this superhero cape on. We never did things to be superheroes. We did things for our own convenience.”

True to form, Cardi remains outspoken and unfiltered, sharing her thoughts openly and honestly.


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